San Pedro Café is a Caribbean-themed restaurant and bar sharing the flavors, culture, and pleasures of the Caribbean Sea with residents and visitors of Hudson, Wisconsin. The San Pedro team came to us in need of a WordPress website redesign. They had been using standard Tumblr template for their website, and it looked very generic, was not mobile friendly was hard to navigate and to update.

We set to work create a custom WordPress website design that would be easy to navigate, update and standout from competition. The new design focuses on their delicious food. The website design includes many dynamic section as well as a parallax style layout. We worked with their team to find the best photos to showcase their food options and to tell their story in a visual way. The new website design is very bold, colorful and has the Caribbean vibe that is the key to their brand.

Original Website Design

Original Website Design

The homepage allows customers to click on the food category their most interested in and to view the menu. We also included a gallery to allow customers to get a better idea of the restaurant and their food selections.

The new website is custom build in WordPress allowing the San Pedro team to easily make updates. The WordPress website redesign is a success and has already received many praises from the San Pedro clientele.

The menus are all live and easy to navigate to. They are broken down by type so their customers can easily find what they are looking for. Check out the new site at:


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