The Perfect Place came to us in a need of reinventing their branding and website design. The Perfect Place is the wedding division of the Embassy Suites Airport. They wanted a fresh new look that would stand out from the competition and appeal to all brides. We began by renaming the devision The Perfect Wedding in order to clearly identity their service offering, which is weddings. The original logo used a very generic script font, so we redesigned the logo to a more unique design utilizing a custom script font, a beautiful flower icon and a soft brown and teal color scheme. We also created a set of three unique icons for their main service; catering, wedding packages and accommodations which are used throughout their brand identity collateral as well as the website.

For the website we focused on creating an engaging and elegant design that would complement their identity. We used a grid-style layout with large, eye-catching photography to capture the viewers attention. The website explains all the services in detail and places emphasis on the wedding packages as the client requested. The responsive style makes it easy to find what you’re looking for from any device. We have received great feedback on the design. Check out their website

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