Recently one of our clients came to us with an exciting idea; to open a supper club with a classic feel mixed with modernity. They designed three divisions into their layout- the main supper club, a taproom, and a cidery. The taproom will feature local breweries as well as the standards, and the cidery will create a variety of apple drinks for the whole family.

Such a unique idea requires a unique identity. We began by creating a logo that matched their rustic interior feel. We incorporated one of their more prominent decorations, a large deer head mounted on their fireplace, in the design. We chose simple gold and black colors to convey an elegant, yet modern, look. The business cards, stationary and menu all reflect the same clean design.

For the website we focused on creating an engaging and modern design that would complement their identity. We used an elegant grid-style layout with large, eye-catching photography to capture the viewers attention. The website tells the story of supper clubs and their historical importance. The responsive style makes it easy to find what you’re looking for from any device. We have received great feedback on the design. Check out their website and head over to the Supper Club for a great time. 

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