Trends come and go so fast you probably learn about many of them after they’ve gone away. Capitalizing on current trends can be fruitful, but you need to keep your content current for maximum impact.

Some popular trends for websites include more simplicity and longer scrolls. As more sites are being accessed by mobile means, ease of use is often considered more important than prettiness. An appealing design and layout are still fundamental, but quickly finding the information someone may be seeking is more favored.

Opposite of that, interactive sites are also increasing. The page responds when the cursor is put over different parts of the page. This interactivity can create a distinctive feel and be memorable, but if it isn’t done well many could find it frustrating and confusing.

Knowing the message/story you want to convey and who you are trying to convey it to is paramount in deciding which direction the style should go, and knowing current trends will help make a more informed decision.

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