Your brand identity defines your business. Brand identity includes things like your logo design and more. In today’s blog, we will show you 5 top examples of Minneapolis brand identity designs that we helped make come to life.

Jordan Supper Club Brand Identity

Our first Brand Identity is Jordan Supper Club, a fine dining restaurant.  We love this brand identity design because of how much information it conveys, while keeping an easy flow that appeals to the customer. In fact, our design was so effective that we won a logo award for this brand identity.

Prepcann Brand Identity

We love PrepCann’s Brand Identity because of its simplicity. This is important because it perfectly reflects the company’s mission and vision.  “Prepcann was created to alter the public perception of medical cannabis through education,” according to the company’s website. Because this business is in the medical field, we chose to stick to simple colors that conveyed a healthcare message for customers.

Cupcake Tea Brand Identity Design

Cupcake Tea is one of our more fun brand designs. For this Brand Identity, we wanted to give an entertaining vibe that matched the owner’s unique tea descriptions. We also want to keep a bodied balance of colors and graphics.

Dolce Lusso Branding

Dolce Lusso Confections was a Minneapolis Brand Design that we wanted to showcase because of how simple yet elegant it is. Because the business sells fine chocolates, we wanted to add a flavor of luxury to the brand identity, but also keep it fresh and simple. This brand identity is a perfect representation on going full-on lux while maintaining a design flow that is easy to follow.

Craft Catering Corporate Identity

Lastly, Craft Catering is another excellent Minneapolis brand identity that we wanted to showcase. Right from the get-go, the color scheme makes it obvious that this company is in the food business. Moreover, we chose to stick to a more grounded design to make it clear that the focus of the owner is on catering food, rather than operating a restaurant.

We hope that you enjoyed these examples of 5 top Minneapolis brand identity designs. If you’re looking for help in this area, check out to learn more!