Every single small business owner wants to see ROI. ROI is the lifeblood of businesses. So how can you better use web design strategies for seeking returns on investments? Let’s dive in.

SEO Web Design Strategies For ROI

SEO is always a number’s game. Google doesn’t care what your business is, per say. You can be in the food industry, cosmetics, you name it. What does matter is how you leverage web design strategies to maximize SEO. This in turn contributes to ROI. According to WebFX, “Measuring SEO’s return on investment puts the impact of SEO into perspective. You can show company decision-makers how SEO has generated traffic, leads, and sales, for example, which can lead to continued investment in this strategy.”

In addition, WebFX states: “SEO ROI is a calculation that measures the return on investment of search engine optimization. Companies can calculate SEO’s return on investment by looking at search engine rankings, organic website traffic, and goal completions, and then using the ROI SEO formula: (Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment.” To learn more about specific formulas, click here.

So, how can you use this information in combination with web design strategies? We recommend the following:

  1. Have an SEO plan in place. Know which key phrases you will be using and where.
  2. Run tests on which keywords/phrases work best for your website.
  3. Keep a simple layout that maximizes key phrases and avoid long paragraphs.
  4. Turn long-form content into shorter sections that are labeled with your key-phrases/words.
  5. Be consistent with the amount of times you utilize keywords/phrases.

If you keep these 5 steps in mind, and combine this information with everything else stated above, we guarantee that you will see success in your SEO web design strategies for ROI. To learn more about how we can help you with your ROI and web design, click here.