When designing your mobile website, SEO should be top of mind. SEO can be a deal maker or a deal breaker for your business. If you unlike the right key, it can serve in your favor. Today, we will let you know about SEO Tips for Mobile.

First of all, what is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO means optimizing your site for mobile devices. It’s a search engine optimization technique that helps improve the visibility of websites in mobile-device search results. It also improves user experience.

A mobile-friendly site:

  • Is understandable by search engines
  • Loads fast
  • Loads properly on mobile devices
  • Allows mobile users to navigate the site with ease
  • Has readable content that does not require readers to zoom
  • Offers users value

Here are some steps to ensure that your Mobile SEO is top notch:

1. Make sure that your site is mobile friendly

The first step before anything is to make sure that your website is actually compatible for mobile usage. You can check this by typing in your web URL into Google. You will want to make sure that no errors show up. People who visit your mobile set should be viewing content that is identical to your desktop site. This means you need cross-format compatibility across videos, images, and text, and other elements.

2. Bump up your speed

Making sure that your site is mobile friendly is only half the battle. The next is ensuring fast load speeds. Poor speed leads to increased bounce rates for websites. As load time moves from one to ten seconds, the bounce rate increases by 123%. Focusing on your load speeds can greatly improve your rankings.

3. Keep in mind a responsive design

Responsive design means that your site changes dynamically based on the kind of device being used. Think of it as digital shape shifting. For example, your website may look different if you are using a tablet, mobile, or desktop. The elements change to optimize for the screen on which they appear. Leveraging a responsive design is crucial for the user experience and making sure your content is optimized for SEO.

4. Optimize content

Lastly, make sure that your content is optimized for mobile site design. We Are Social found that people spend half of their time on the internet on phones. This means that the way in which content is presented on your mobile site is significant. To optimize content, we recommend that you leverage short sentences and paragraphs, headlines that grab the user’s attention, have a short meta description with relevant keywords, space out your content into sections, and integrate video and visual content.

We hope that you enjoyed today’s post on SEO tips for mobile. Learn more about our web design services here.