The Midwest isn’t just famous for farmland. We have some of the biggest companies in the US. And we have incredible midwest logo designs that go along with them. In today’s blog, we will go over some of our favorite logo designs from the Midwest. 

Our Favorite Midwest Logo Designs

1. Caribou Coffee, Minnesota

For our first midwest logo design pick, we’re going with Caribou Coffee. And because we’re a Minnesota based company, we have to! What makes this logo one of our favorites midwest logo designs is how curvy yet edgy it is, as well as simplistic. You can easily see the bean that is formed from the coffee spoons, which create the elk, giving it a very wholesome vibe.

2. Erbert’s & Gerbert’s, Wisconsin

Next, we have Erbert’s & Gerbert’s. The brand loves to use a cartoon style across the board, which makes its logo iconic. Stepping into one of these stores, you are surrounded with comics and cartoons, which really define the brand. We give an A+ for this one.

3. Kraft, Chicago 

Kraft is one of the most iconic American brands, born in Chicago. We love the simplicity yet boldness of this logo. And not to mention that it comes with a  a really nice red outline that defines the aesthetic.

4. Hy-Vee, Iowa

The Hy-Vee logo has a fun and unique vibe that is almost timeless. We love this midwest logo design because of its memorability and boldness.


5. Kellogg’s, Michigan 

Last but not least, Kellogg’s is one of our favorite designs from the midwest. The cursive font is characteristic of the brand, and is immediately recognizable. Kellogg’s is an example of how simple is sometimes better than complex.