DreamBig specializes in Minneapolis web design, restaurant marketing and branding. Our experience in the field has helped start-up restaurants succeed in a market that is fraught with failure. Minneapolis is a diverse city with many different places to eat, so attracting and maintaining a loyal customer base can be challenging.

One way to overcome that challenge is to properly brand your restaurant. Unless you or your staff are marketing specialists, your odds of success will drastically improve if you hire professional strategists. They should be able to accentuate your strong points, strengthen your weak points, handle your menu layout and web design, and let you focus on food.

But they need to do more than that. They need to make your restaurant “yours”. We at DreamBig don’t just design websites; we take the time to see the restaurant owner’s vision and make it come to life. To do that, we incorporate their values and personality into the design of their website, menus, logo, print ads and business cards; everything a restaurant would use for marketing.

A recent example of how we do that can be seen at jordansupperclub.com. Local community is important to the owners, so we included the history of supper clubs as well as events happening around Jordan. The rustic, deer-mounted fireplace interior heavily influenced the logo we designed for them, as well as the color scheme and layout of their website.

Each restaurant is unique, and they each need a unique design and feel. We help business owners brand themselves in a way to attract their desired clientele. A posh steakhouse will generally attract people from a higher income bracket than a local burger chain, but each place has the same goal: to keep their customers happy and coming back. To do so, they will each need a completely different branding and marketing strategy. Likewise, an organic vegetarian restaurant should not brand itself in a similar fashion to the burger shop. Sure, all three serve food, but they are all different and need their marketing strategies personalized.

If you are going to successfully open a restaurant in Minneapolis/St. Paul, you can’t be afraid to spend a few bucks on marketing. You know food, not branding and advertising. Let us help your restaurant grow into the top-notch food destination you’ve envisioned by trusting us to handle your restaurant marketing strategies.

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