Logo concepts evolve as our technology and personal outlooks do. Sometimes technology is the driving force, other times it is our personal values. Drawing on both sources for inspiration is a good idea to create a more secure and lasting logo/identity.

As our physical viewing area for visual messages shrinks in size (phones/mobile devices/etc), so to are logos. Logos that can be easily identified on small surfaces are more in demand. This often means simplistic, mono-colored designs are being implemented rather than in-depth and highly detailed designs.

Utilizing negative space is a popular way to do so. Usually just two colors and a few shapes can create a visual image that is easy to identify and will look good on any medium.

Technology isn’t the only thing driving changes in the logo/identity world. As our society’s values change, people tend to look for brands that they identify and relate with. Before bigger meant better, but now people often want small and personal. People are more cognizant of their choices and the consequences involved. Because of this, many logo designers try to convey honest, earthly intentions.

Lowercase letters and stencil designs are more appealing than in the past because of the simplistic and down-to-earth tone they convey. They can seem more personal and less intimidating than their counterparts, yet still serious and professional.

To help minimize the risk of creating/choosing a logo that seems dated in a few years, we suggest thinking about where you see technology and your personal values standing in the near future.

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