Custom web design case studies are always helpful to take a look at. One of our favorite web design projects was for Jordan Supper Club, a taproom and eatery serving up delicious foods. In fact, our design was so successful that it landed us an award for our efforts. Today, we’ll take a look at the elements of this web design that make it a winner. Then, we’ll let you know just how we can do the same for your website!

Jordan Supper Club Custom Web Design Walkthrough

First thing’s first, according to WebLinx, “A custom business website design, one designed to emphasize your company’s strengths and turn visitors into buyers – can be an almost invaluable tool in today’s economy. Not only is it your most important salesperson, customer service agent, and PR representative, but it’s also a prominent branding piece.” With the importance of custom website design stated, let’s dive right into Jordan Supper Club’s web flow.

Immediately, when you reach the restaurant’s website, you can see that everything is very neatly organized and easy to follow. We leverage a grid layout for peak navigability. Grids bring order to a layout making it easier for visitors to find and navigate through information . You can also see that there isn’t too much going on. This is important for customer retention. Why? If there is too much going on on your home page, customers may get overwhelmed and discouraged to even bother reading your information.

Now let’s take a look at the navigation buttons that take you from page to page. We use a horizontal layout with drop down tabs.  If you click on the menu tab, you will be able to easily view all of the restaurants menus. Drop down tabs are one of the best hidden practices for a successful web design.

Whatever your web design goals are, we are here to make them happen! Learn more about our services at this link.