Do you have Instagram? Do you have a presentation design? Then you are about to discover the most amazing power duo! Instagram and presentations go hand in hand when it comes to your business. Both are visual, both use graphics, and both communicate your ideas and messages.

How to leverage Instagram for presentation design

Instagram is a majority visual based platform. Unlike Facebook, Instagram exists for graphics. It lives off of them! Because of this, it is very easy to brand yourself on Instagram, and create a brand identity. This is important because consistency is key for customer churn and revenues. But another important thing about Instagram is how helpful it is for presentations. Most of the time, you will be using images across your designs. For example, you may use the same images on a brochure as on your website, and more. Therefore, you can use some of your presentation images on Instagram to create a real feeling of unity in your brand.

Cohesion and unity is important for your brand presence. When people look at your business presentation, they want to see something smooth and easy to follow. With consistent Instagram branding, you can re-direct this to your presentation, and help create that desired feeling. People are also more likely to follow Instagram accounts that aren’t choppy, and have a theme.

Lastly, presentations always have themes, and so should your Instagram page. With themes, you can get as creative as you want. However, the goal is to make sure that you stick to your theme, and that you don’t deviate from it. Otherwise, as we mentioned already, it will look choppy. Think about some of your favorite Instagram accounts and presentations for theme inspiration. More likely than not, they follow our advice.

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