Nolechek’s Meats Case Study

Located in Thorpe, Wisconsin, Nolechek’s Meats is a handcrafted meat shop that’s been around since 1952. Nolechek’s originally contacted us to help them with branding, selling sheets, SEO, and social media marketing. They were looking to grow their online sales and enter wholesale markets through a combination of restaurants and retail settings. We began our work with SEO and growing their website traffic, creating a brand guide and social media marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

We began with SEO, this piece was important because keywords determine the frequency at which a given website is visible to prospective customers on the internet. Therefore, we worked to optimize Nolechek’s website by focusing on relevant keywords in order to improve their Google rank score and placement amongst competing businesses. We also added a blog and additional content. This resulted in 500% growth in website traffic.

Our Branding Strategy

One of the first things we did to channel and perfect Nolechek’s branding is to provide them with a logo makeover. Having built a strong relationship with Nolechek’s, and understanding the importance of creating a modern brand, we encouraged them to pursue a logo redesign. This decision, however, was a difficult and emotional choice to make, as the original logo was designed by the grandfather of the owners. Nevertheless, we were able to reach a consensus with a logo refresh rather than a design––staying true to Nolechek’s history by keeping the iconic “checkmark” design as part of the brand’s history. The purpose of the redesign was strategic––our goal was to create a more modern feel that would appeal to a younger customer base. Once the logo refresh was complete, we applied the new branding to the additional marketing materials including the business cards, sell sheets, brochures and labels. We also worked on implementing a brand guide to help establish a consistent look for Nolechek’s across all platforms by establishing brand colors, fonts, icons, brand strategy and messaging. Our tactics worked, as the logo refresh brought great feedback from customers, while still staying true to the essence of Nolechek’s as a brand.

Social Media Tactics

We also simultaneously worked on a social media marketing strategy for Nolechek’s. Although they had a social media presence in place, for Nolechek’s, it was just a matter of optimizing the current setup in order to engage more customers and ultimately boost online traffic. We implemented the following 6 step strategy:

  1. We leveraged Instagram/Facebook Stories, conducted giveaways, and created interactive polls/questions to increase customer engagement.
  2. We used authentic content like team member spotlights and historical archive photos from days of the past in order to strengthen the emotional bond with the customer base.
  3. We posted consistently across all social media channels to maintain and built customer engagement.
  4. We leveraged hashtags across all social media channels in order to appear more frequently and organically in social media feeds. 
  5. We introduced regular video content to boost customer engagement and the potential for re-shares and organic word of mouth across social channels.
  6. We posted weekly blogs about products and unique content in order to update the customer base and to help spread word of mouth.

The combination of authenticity and unique, creative content enabled us to increase customer engagement and ultimately online traffic. Over the last year, both Instagram and Facebook experienced exceptional positive growth patterns in the following areas:

Facebook (2019 – 2020)

  • Average Lifetime Total Likes: + ~ 40% growth
  • Average Lifetime Post Impressions By Followers: + ~ 21% growth
  • Average Lifetime Post Impressions (General): + ~ 63% growth

Instagram (2019 – 2020)

  • Average Follower Growth: + 73.5%
  • Average Lifetime Total likes: + 9%
  • Average Video Engagements: + 66%

Our goals for both Facebook and Instagram were to boost likes, followers, engagements, and impressions, which is exactly what we were able to achieve over the last year, thanks to our 6-step strategy.

Ultimately, our strategic work with SEO, branding and social media marketing enabled Nolechek’s to experience a growth in website traffic of 500%.

Here is Nolechek’s testimonial of our work.

“Veronica and her team at DreamBig Creative are responsive, professional and awesome to work with on any project. They guided our business through a logo refresh that has gave way to updating our brand and developing marketing collateral. Every step of the way, Veronica has offered her experience, insight and guidance. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Making the decision to work with Angelica to increase our social media presence was a big step for our business, but the investment has been well worth it. Her creativity is amazing, and she is flexible and attentive to our suggestions. The Trello platform allows for ease in communication and Angelica is always on schedule.

We highly recommend working with Veronica, Angelica and the entire DreamBig team. They have been a valuable resource for our business.” – Lindsey Nolechek

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All of this goes to show how crucial it is to nail your brand, to stay consistent with your online presence, and to focus on the customer as the top priority in all digital engagements. At the end of the day, Nolechek’s high quality products combined with DreamBig’s strategic digital and branding campaign roadmaps are reasons why they were able to experience incredible success.