Facebook is more relevant than ever in 2021. With all business going online, social media marketing has become even more important. And Facebook is your best friend. Facebook is the perfect place to market your business, and to grow followers. But how? This guide will explain just that.

Join Facebook Groups

One great way to gain followers is by joining Facebook groups. Joining a group is 100% free, and it’s easy access to tens of thousands of potential customers. As long as you don’t sound to promotional, posting in groups is a great way to get attention and to grow followers.

Encourage your followers to re-share

Another easy tactic is to encourage your current followers to re-post your content and share your page. Often, this comes with incentives. For example, a giveaway of an item or a small monetary reward. In any case, when your followers share your page with their friends and family, they are more likely to follow suite, as word of mouth is always the most powerful form of marketing.

Integrate your Facebook strategy with TikTok

TikTok has exploded in popularity over the last couple of years. The platform is famous for quickly letting anyone go viral, even if it’s just one video. By promoting your business via TikTok, you can quickly generate attention, gain followers, and re-direct them to your presence on Facebook. It’s also a win-win situation, as this way, you get to boost followers on two platforms at once!

Partner with an influencer

Joining forces with an influencer can vastly boost your brand reputation, recognition, and followers in short order. Influencers are often though of as unattainable, as most people think that it’s just celebrities that hold this status. However, if you dig around, you will find micro-influencers who promote product in your niche, and those are the easiest to latch on to and connect with.

Run Facebook ads

This one’s a no brainer. To gain followers, you need to expose your brand as often as possible – but to the right audience. With Facebook ads, you can customize your audience reach and demographic characteristics.

We hope that you enjoyed this blog on how to grow followers on Facebook in 2021. Learn more about our social media services here.