What makes an effective presentation design? While your content may be great, the graphics and layout you show can greatly add or detract from your message. We’ve all sat through those long-winded speeches and poorly designed PowerPoints, follow our tips bellow to impress your audience. Whether you’re using Prezi, PowerPoint, Keynote or good old PDFs, these 5 tips will help you create well-designed presentation slides that effectively get your point across.

1) Avoid Stock Templates

Using the slide themes included in your software is presentation makes it looks like you put no thought into your presentation. Stock templates can be spotted from a mile away. If you want to stand out from the crowd and create a compelling presentation why would you use the same layout as everyone else? Stock templates are overused, boring and outdated. Create beautiful presentations by starting with a custom presentation and building from there.

2) Keep it Simple & Clean

Packing too much information into a slide will completely undermine its purpose. Remember: The audience often has to process everything you say while they view the slide. Keep your slides clean and simple. Pick one key point for each slide. Don’t use more than 8 lines of text per slide.

3) Choose your Fonts Wisely

Make sure the font you choose is easy to read. Clean San Serif fonts generally work better for presentations. If you’re using a dark background, make the text bold for readability. Chances are you’re designing your presentation on a laptop—and that’s a much different size than the final presentation screen. When sizing your fonts, keep in mind that the text should be large enough to be read by the person in the back of the room.

4) Avoid Using More then 3 Colors per Slide

Keep your slides clean and easy to view. A harmonious palette can easily enhance the look of your entire presentation. No need for complex gradients or textures here; you can get excellent results with just the right colors. Stick with your companies primary brand colors to be consistent with your companies marketing.

5) Use Infographics to Enhance your Presentation

Infographics are great at conveying information in an eye-appealing fashion. Infographics make your presentations come to life, they easily relay information and are often more persuasive.  Entertain and enlighten your readers with stunning graphics and stats. Infographics are a great way of including chart and graphs in a more interesting format. 

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