Hot Comics and Collectibles, celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, asked us to rebrand their website, logo, and corporate identity. They felt their previous branding made them look stuck in the ’90’s, and their website was old and not mobile-friendly. They wanted an up-to-date look, capable of e-commerce and easy customer engagement.

Hot Comics carries a wide variety of comic books, graphic novels, toys, statues, gaming products, apparel and novelties, and is one of the only licensed Sideshow/Hot Toys dealers in Minnesota. They offer a free comic book subscription service and have discount programs for frequent/regular customers. They also host gaming events at all three of their locations. They have succeeded in the past 30 years by providing a wide selection of products, a welcoming environment, and exceptional customer service.

Their goals for the rebrand included bringing Hot Comics into the 21st century with a new, iconic logo and e-commerce site that would allow them to increase their online sales presence. Overall, they wanted a more recognizable and cohesive identity for their company. As well as expanding beyond their three locations and greatly increasing their gaming programs, they want “Hot Comics” to be a household word.

Not only did we create a modern, sleek logo and design, their website now has an online store and looks great on any device. Their customers have praised the rebrand, citing how professional and unique it looks. They’ve commented that the website is easy to navigate and find what they are looking for.

For their logo, we focused on creating a bold, eye-catching design that spoke to their comic book roots, but wasn’t too cartoony. The use of the talk bubble captures their main focus, without binding them down to any particular era or brand of comics. We stayed with their original orange/red color scheme, used a modern, stylized font, and added “since 1987″ to pay homage to their 30 years in business.

From their website, they are now able to sell their products online, schedule/post events, share news stories, blog, and are even thinking of starting their own weekly web comic. This would not have been possible using their old, outdated site.

“It looks great,” said Michael Harmon, general manager of the company. “I’m really happy with how it turned out.”

Hot Comics is hoping their new online store and rebrand will help grow their company from three storefronts in the Twin Cities to a nationally recognized company. With a fresh logo they are proud to display, they are planning on creating their own Hot Comics merchandise, such as t-shirts, hats, and other clothing accessories.

Check out the new website at