Facebook is one of the best social media sites for custom web design marketing. And this is because the platform is all about self promotion. There are plenty of groups where you can share your website, or even create your own group for the same purpose. Let’s dive into how you can use Facebook to market your website.

Facebook Custom Web Design Marketing

First thing’s first, Facebook is an appropriate place to advertise yourself. By definition, it is a site where you are supposed to engage in self promotion. Indeed, businesses have used Facebook for just this purpose. It is common to see people posting websites about their businesses, and redirecting audiences to click on products and services. And there are also many different Facebook groups for businesses. These groups serve as the perfect place to promote your website. Your audience members want to know more about you, and what you offer. Otherwise, how would you be able to sell your products/services? Not to mention, you’d be able to boost your traffic by posting consistently.

Also, be sure to post consistent content about your website. You want to have variety so your customers don’t get bored. “steadily provide your followers with something fresh and interesting, which keeps them coming back for more.” You will also want to optimize your content for sharing, use large images alongside your promotion, and create compelling copy to go along with it all. 

Lastly, “Driving more traffic from Facebook to your website is all well and good, but what they discover when they arrive can make all the difference in turning a visitor into a client. Websites that look out of date can drive a visitor away, never to return. Attractive, modern-looking websites with optimal functionality compel visitors to remain on your website and explore further, which increases your chances of new business. “

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