Instagram is perfect for driving custom logo awareness. This is because Instagram is all about images. Logos are visual, and therefore, belong on Instagram. Whether you have an abstract logo, a typographic logo, or something in between, visuals are king on Instagram. That’s why we love this platform for driving custom logo awareness. In this blog, we’ll let you know how you can leverage instagram to drive logo awareness.

Driving custom logo awareness with Instagram

Instagram is a visual gallery for your business. Therefore, Instagram provides your brand with an advertising asset. Unlike Facebook or LinkedIn, words are secondary on Instagram. Your message is summed up in a picture on Instagram versus other platforms. This is why it is easy to drive awareness to your logo, and your brand. You can showcase your logo on different products, for example. You can also display various versions of your logo to widen your visual appeal. Instagram allows you to be creative with graphics, and not have to worry about the words as much. Therefore, it takes less effort in some respects than advertising on other platforms.

Another great thing about Instagram for driving awareness is how diverse it is. “Don’t let Instagram’s strictly visual nature keep you from sharing different types of content. Photos, videos and illustrations all call Instagram home. Your feed is where polished content with long, thoughtful comments belongs. Stories is the place for behind-the-scenes images, quick Boomerangs and casual conversations with customers. On Instagram, brands can let a little bit loose and document in an authentic way, both in the feed and on Stories.” (Source). 

To sum it up, Instagram is a great resource for driving logo awareness. Learn more about our social media marketing at this link.