Christmas is here, and so is custom logo branding! You’ve seen it all before. Starbucks, Coca-Cola, all of these big brands begin marketing for the holiday season. Their logos are everywhere, and you can’t help but think, how can I replicate their success? In today’s blog, we’ll dive into custom logo branding for Christmas.

Custom Logo Branding For Christmas

TLC states, “Over the last few years we’ve seen several online companies change and adapt their logos to different seasons, but none more than for the Christmas season. Adapting your business logos for the Christmas season can be quite simple or complicated, depending on what you have in mind. Being sensitive to different religions is also important. Note that Google changes its logo for Hanukkah and Chinese New Year as well as for Christmas.”

Starbucks is a great example of a company that adapts its logo based on the holiday. “Starbucks have found a new clever way to market themselves during the upcoming Christmas holidays! In the form of artistically winter-inspired designed red cups. The cups have been designed by customers from all over the world.” Every year, customers can expect customized cups and drinks from Starbucks, as shown below.

Christmas happens to be an essential part of Starbucks branding. The company has been consistent with colors and designs year over year. A lesson to learn from Starbucks is consistency of holiday branding. In addition to Starbucks, companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix, and more have all adapted their logos in the spirit of the holiday season.

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