What makes a great custom business logo? Is it the font, look and feel, or the colors? These are questions are ones that many people ask. Small business owners often struggle with design. A reason for this could be that their in-house teams might lack certain design tools. Another problem is that they aren’t using custom business logo services. So, what makes a great business logo? Let’s find out!

What makes a great custom business logo?

Let’s break down the basics. When you see a logo, you immediately think about the company behind it. For example, you don’t even need to know much about Nike to know what their logo looks like. As you can see, logos are highly visual. Which brings us to tip number one: always focus on the visual elements first. But what if your logo is text-based? Do the same rules still apply? Yes, in fact, they do. Text-based logos are also visual because they are graphics as well. Look at the logos below. Amazon, Visa, Disney, Google, all of these logos are text-based. However, they do not compromise on the visual element. All of them are appealing, elegant, and neat.

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So, bottom line, remember that just because your custom business logo is text-based, doesn’t mean you should compromise on style. Lastly, don’t forget to focus on your brand vibe. What is a brand vibe? Vengage says: “A brand vibe is how you want your brand to make people feel. Sometimes you might hear it called a brand personality. It should be consistent across your logo and content, and clearly set out in your brand guidelines.”

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