Cross-testing internet browsers on a newly developed site is a boring and monotonous task, fraught with frustration and time-consuming fixes in order to ensure that ALL users have equal opportunity to experience the site in its full grandeur, regardless of the browser being used. Despite the headache, it is a necessary step for all website development.

Clients want their sites to be consistent and functional on all devices and web browsers. Unfortunately, not all browsers were created equal. Older and less-used browsers (like Internet Explorer) have a higher risk of containing bugs than more popular browsers (like Chrome and Firefox). These can cause slower load time, unresponsive script, and icons and links being improperly placed, just to name a few. However, fixing the bugs in the less popular browsers could create bugs in the popular ones, so what’s a web designer to do?

When developing a website, we have found the most efficient way of testing is to first sample the site on the most popular browsers. If problems occur on Chrome or Firefox, they are likely to be found in all browsers. Fixing the bugs found in this step will help to eliminate further bugs in the process.

When the site is fully functioning on major browsers it is time to check the more problematic ones. Odds are other bugs will come to light and need to be exterminated. Once these are taken care of it is necessary to recheck all previous browsers to ensure the fixes did not cross-contaminate. Only after we have personally double-checked all browsers and platforms for consistent flow are we satisfied in our web design.

There are online tools and websites that promise to check anything and everything, but it is always a good idea to have a sentient brain actually do the work. The tools can be helpful, but relying on them is dangerous when the stakes are high. Like an editor cannot rely on spellcheck, no proper web designer should rely on cross-testing tools.

Here at DreamBig, we personally check to make sure our web designs look great and are consistent on all devices and browsers. Our development team works together to ensure fresh eyes are always analyzing our work and to achieve our high standards of quality. Feel free to look at our portfolio and compare our projects on different browsers and mobile devices to see for yourself.

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