Don’t Learn Marketing Strategy From Politicians

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(Editors note, this blog is about marketing, not politics or any politician or political party)

Someone told me that Donald Trump knows how to market himself. He is hated and reviled by many, says sexist, offensive and potentially dangerous things, and has sued people for ridiculous claims.

Yet, he is successfully winning votes and arguably creating one of the most interesting campaigns most of us have ever seen, so no matter how you feel about him or his approach, he must be doing something right.

That doesn’t mean you should follow suit when marketing your business. Read More

6 Reasons To Avoid Homemade Website Design

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Building a free website with the provided templates and features offered by many sites is relatively easy to do, though time consuming. People selling crafts or baked goods out of their home will probably be okay with something made on Website Builder or any of its competitors, but a serious company that wants to make serious money needs to be taken seriously.

Here are 6 common temptations and reasons not to go the cheap route when deciding how to develop your website. Read More

Cross Browser Testing

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Cross-testing internet browsers on a newly developed site is a boring and monotonous task, fraught with frustration and time-consuming fixes in order to ensure that ALL users have equal opportunity to experience the site in its full grandeur, regardless of the browser being used. Despite the headache, it is a necessary step for all website development. Read More

Jordan Supper Club Brand Identity and Website Design by DreamBig Creative Minneapolis, MN

Jordan Supper Club Brand Identity & Web Design

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Recently one of our clients came to us with an exciting idea; to open a supper club with a classic feel mixed with modernity. They designed three divisions into their layout- the main supper club, a taproom, and a cidery. The taproom will feature local breweries as well as the standards, and the cidery will create a variety of apple drinks for the whole family.

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