Instagram is your best friend when it comes to web design leads. This is because both Instagram and your website rely on visual elements to appeal to customers, and convert leads into buyers. In today’s blog, we’ll let you know what tips you can use to leverage Instagram to gain leads for your website.

Ads for leads

The first—and most obvious—way to get more leads on Instagram is to use lead ads. Instagram lead ads are designed to help businesses collect customer information such as email addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, and job titles.


Today, brand awareness is everything. Make the most out of Instagram through genuine likes and followers. It is the initial step in developing your brand and gaining visibility online. Your goal is to attain more likes for your unique and innovative posts. The more the likes, the more is your brand’s fan following. You will need to research and study online resources to understand how to get real likes in less time without spamming. You will find many social media tools. Opt for the best one after reading users reviews to give your brand a facelift.

Optimize your link in bio

With limited link real estate on Instagram, it’s crucial to use the link space in your bio to its fullest potential. Your link should point customers to whatever objective you wish to accomplish. That could be newsletter subscription, product sales, or a survey. Remember, you can change your link as often as you like.

Create shoppable content

Tagging products in Instagram is not just a good way to increase sales. Even if a tap does not result in a buy, you can consider it a lead collected on an interested customer. And Instagram Shopping has received plenty of interest. More than 130 million accounts tap on product tags every month.

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