Aero Service Group was founded with the exclusive responsibility to own and operate restaurants within the captive environment of airports. Aero Services Group came to us in need of a new custom website design. Their old site wasn’t responsive and was hard to update. For the new site they wanted to focus on ease of navigation and better explaining the different brands in the different airports. They wanted the new site to have more photos and make it easier to differentiate between consumer and airport content. Additional goals included creating a mobile device friendly site where customers could easily view restaurant menus and upcoming events at new location and to allow passengers to get vital information easily. They wanted to e seen as expert in field, yet still nimble, approachable and reactionary to airports.

We worked hard to achieve all their goals. The new website is easy to navigate and allows customers to easily view restaurant menus, airport information and company info. The design uses a split screen layout with a focus on photography and showcasing their various restaurants. The website only has four main links to choose from in the navigation, which make finding what you need quick and easy. The site is divided into several categories, airports, restaurants, and company info. Visit the new website at

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