Every single industry has its own set of web design trends, especially the food industry. From web design trends for online ordering to checkout navigation, here are 5 web design trends that you need to know if your business is food.

1. Hamburger menu bar

You might have noticed this menu with the three lines while using your smartphone. It’s now showing up on regular desktop-size websites. Because of the increase in mobile searches, web designers needed to find a way to condense their menu while still making it available. Hence, the hamburger menu was born.

2. Food video background

Live Photos of food as backgrounds for restaurant web design have become a new popular trend. Viewers are intrigued by cinemagraphs, and they add a bit of action and movement to your website. They are a combination of still images and video effects.

3. Bold fonts for restaurant web design

We have begun to see restaurants utilize large boldface typography on their websites. When choosing fonts for your website, create a style sheet. For example, set a font for your body copy and for all of your headline sizes. This keeps your site consistent and uniform.

4. Heavy focus on menu photos 

Photos sell your restaurant, and as such deserve to be professionally taken. We call this trend new, because in 2016 there is an even greater importance set on food photography. It can literally make or break your website.

5. Interactive web design 

Brochure sites are a thing of the past. Your website must have interactivity. In other words, your site visitors need to be able to interact with you on your website. This means incorporating online ordering systems, reservations and a number on estimated wait times.

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