Web design isn’t just about making your site look elegant. It’s also about attracting customers. An excellent web design is dynamic, captures attention, and is easy to navigate. All of these things help attract leads and bring you business. Here are our tips on web design to attract leads, and nail in existing customers.

1. Keep in mind a responsive web design 

Responsive designs are dynamic, and move as the user is browsing your page. Static designs, however, are not responsive, and are harder to get around. A dynamic web design provides an easy navigation through the website, and can be easily updated as per the needs of you, the owner.

2. Use a key phrases in your headlines

The headline on the top of the homepage (and every page) is either descriptive or not. It helps the customer know where they are located. Instead of creating a fancy or vague headline, go for something  something descriptive. And explain what your business does at the top of the page.

3. Use real pictures

Stock photos might be tempting, but it’s better to showcase your products in real life. This gives your customers a feel of authenticity, and they will be more loyal to your brand. Use your web design to display these items, and keep your customers interested.

4. Use colors to guide visitors 

Color schemes aren’t just about making your site look pretty. In fact, the way that you organize your color palette can better help customers navigate your page. So, use them to your advantage! Start with lighter colors towards the top of your web design, and gradually make them darker as the visitor descends the page – this will make them want to explore more.

5. Avoid long paragraphs and long sentences

Long, blocky paragraphs do not align with digital content best practices. Simply breaking up long paragraphs makes the content easier to consume. As a general rule, don’t write paragraphs longer than 3-4 lines.

We hope that you enjoyed these 5 web design tips to attract leads! Check out our web design services today and schedule your free consult.