In the digital era, a successful restaurant web design is a priority if you want to run a prosperous business. In this blog post, you’ll learn 5 key pointers that, if implemented, will guarantee you a successful restaurant web design, and in turn, you’ll see visible business growth in no time!

1) Be sure to include live menus

When it comes to restaurant web design, there is a major difference between live menus and PDF menus. Because internet usage is primarily done on mobile devices, it’s vital that your customers have the ability to view your menus with ease. PDF menus are difficult to navigate for mobile users, as viewing large documents on a small smartphone can be challenging. By implementing live page menus for your restaurant website, your customers will be able to see your entire menu without any problems. Click here to view an example of a live menu that we recently created for one of our client’s restaurant websites, McHughs Public House.

2) Online Reservations

When it comes to making a reservation, most people prefer to forego the hassle of calling a restaurant and use online services like apps instead. Moreover, it often occurs that people make reservations while a restaurant isn’t actually open, and without an online option to fix the problem, you might end up losing a prospective customer. Implementing a service, such as OpenTable or Yelp Reservations, allows your customers to make reservations with ease. You may also want to consider creating your very own restaurant website app that takes reservations as well. If you follow these steps, you’ll find more people coming to your restaurant in no time.

3) Beautiful Food Photos

Humans are visual creatures, especially when it comes to food. There is an enormous difference in quality between an iPhone food pic and a professional photoshoot. If you truly wish to capture the essence of your restaurant’s cuisine on your restaurant website, and lure in more customers to your dining establishment, then it is imperative that you invest in a professional photographer. Think about it: if your food looks mediocre on your website, then who’s to say that it won’t look the same in real life, and taste just as bland? Trust us, quality photos on your  website will pay off more than you think.

4) Have an Events Calendar

Most restaurants host events from live music to trivia. Events function as the perfect ticket to get more people through the door; however, if people don’t know about your events, they definitely won’t show up. Having a nice calendar page on your restaurant website like the one we created for our client, Jordan Supper Club will make it simple for people to find out about what’s going on at your restaurant. Furthermore, having a calendar page on your restaurant website with all of your events listed on it gives people an opportunity to share these events on social media, giving you even more exposure.

5) Have an Email Signup

Having an email signup on your website is an excellent way to collect emails. If you have an enticing offer on your website, such as “Sign up and get a $5 coupon,” people will be more likely to sign up. Building an email list on your website will also help you build your follower base by letting your customers know about events, specials, exclusive deals, and more.

Does your restaurant website have the above items? If not perhaps it’s time for a restaurant website redesign. Check out our latest website redesign here!