SEO optimization is a nifty technique that can get your website to the top rankings of Google. Follow the 5 steps below to get a jumpstart on your SEO strategy.

1. Insert Links

The first web SEO tip that you should know is inserting links throughout your website. According to Neilpatel, “Links from high-authority sites send a trust signal to Google. It’s like having somebody vouch for you. The more people that vouch for you, the more trustworthy you are.

2. Optimize Titles

The easiest SEO tip that you can follow is making sure to implement unique and meaningful titles with catchy descriptions. Titles that are too long can get lost in translation, and titles that are not descriptive enough might lose the interest of customers. Optimizing titles is an art, and it is an important piece of SEO.

3. Add alt text to your images

According to Hubspot, “Alt-text is one of the only ways to tell search engines what an image is about, which is vital if you hope to rank in image-based results. Additionally, alt-text is helpful for readers who can’t see your images.” Make sure to take this tip into account, and you’ll become an SEO pro in no time.

4. Optimize your meta descriptions

Optimizing descriptions is important for SEO. The meta description a piece of HTML that describes a short summary of what is shown on your website. Whenever you Google a website, you will see the meta description for it in the search. Believe it or not, but the way you word your meta description can persuade somebody to click it, or to forget it altogether. That’s why it’s important to have short, catchy, but descriptive meta descriptions.

5. Create unique content to standout in Google Search

Original and unique content is a key factor that can impact your search score and how frequently your website can pop up in the search engine. This is because when you are only one of the few people making a certain piece of content, you don’t have as much competition online. Remember to keep this tip in mind.

The above tips are 5 great SEO moves that you should be implementing right now. Learn more about our SEO Website services as this link: