Abstract custom logo designs have become very popular. There are many reasons why you might want an abstract design. For example, maybe your brand is more art-based, or maybe text-based logos aren’t your thing. In today’s blog, we’ll let you know 5 reasons why you should get an abstract logo design.

1. Abstract logo designs make it easy to be creative

An abstract custom logo design is great because it can enable your brand to unleash its full creativity. You don’t have to box yourself into a plain and boring design pattern. Instead,  you can think outside of the box and create a logo look and feel that truly speaks to your customers. Creativity is always key when it comes to abstract logo designs.

2. Abstract logo designs can be better than text-based logo designs

If you are trying to create a text-based logo, and you immediately see its not working out, then abstract is your go-to. Text-based logos are great for a serious tone and more professionalism. If that’s what your business is about, then go for it. But we recommend that other industry businesses go for an abstract design to truly encapsulate your mission and vision.

3. An abstract custom logo design is perfect for small business

Unless you’re Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, or another giant company, people will likely not recognize you if you are a small business with a text-based logo. Branding with small businesses is much different than large corporations. Remember, not everyone out there knows your name, so it’s best to stick to an abstract custom logo design.

4. Abstract logo can be more visually appealing

According to Logo Pony, “Geometric designs are renowned for being innately pleasing to the eye. Abstract, minimal logos such provide a distinctive brand identity, permeating the mind of consumers to become instantly recognizable, in turn securing your business firmly in their mind.”

5. An abstract custom logo design can help you stand out in the market

According to LogoContest, “Abstract images are intriguing, modern, one of a kind, and fresh – essentially, all of the things a contemporary company wants to be. In being all of these things, abstract mark logos bring versatility to businesses and a fresh perspective to the market. Indeed, with such an image, a company can truly achieve success in the business world.”

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