Non-profit mobile web design is important when establishing your brand presence online. Whatever sector your non-profit is focused on, these tips will help you create a successful web design.

1. Mission statement

“You have a mission or goal you’re working toward, right? When a supporter lands on your website, make that mission crystal clear. The goal isn’t to beat people over the head with your mission, but just to make sure your organization’s brand and identity is clearly front and center on the page for folks who may be coming to your site for the first time.”

2. Focus on doners

“Fundraising is at the core of any nonprofit, so make it easy for your donors to donate from your website. Try to keep supporters just one click away from your donation form no matter where they are on your site.”

3. Volunteer-friendly design

“If your organization uses lots of volunteers, then think about how volunteering opportunities are integrated into your website. Do you only have an option to volunteer from your homepage? How easy is it for volunteers to click to join from other pages on your site as well?”

4. Stay organized

“A well-branded, cohesive website not only helps you convey your organization’s mission but also establishes trust. Whenever donor’s see your logo and style, they’ll instantly know it’s your nonprofit they’re interacting with.”

5. Optimize navigation

“Proper navigation is also a key component to mobile-friendly websites. When viewing websites on mobile phones, there’s not a lot of space for dropdown menus or complex navigation with a ton of content. Simplify your mobile navigation so that only the essential information is available.”

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