Blogs are an important part of attracting and retaining customers. They communicate your latest updates, product launches and company news. But in order to make a mobile-friendly blog, there are some tips that you need to follow first. We’ll expand on those tips in today’s blog.

1. Responsive blog design

First thing’s first, you want to make sure that your blog content is dynamic, not static. Responsive web design flows are important for not only enhancing customer experience, but also for maintaining customer interest. Your goal is to make your customers want to read your blog, and soak in all that info. In order to do this, stick to a dynamic flow for maximum engagement.

2. Use tags for easy navigation

Whenever you publish a blog post, you want to make sure to include relevant tags. For example, if you write a post about your new burger launch, you can use tags like “burger”, “cheeseburger”, “meat”, etc. Whenever a customer types one of these tags into your blog search, the relevant posts will appear, making it easier for the customer to navigate your site and quickly extract information.

3. Spacing is key

There’s nothing more displeasing to a web designer or a prospective customer than a cluttered mobile webpage. Make sure to leverage the right amount of spacing between sentences, paragraphs and page sections to boost mobile-friendliness.

4. Use a search function

All top blogs include a search bar, so that information can easily be sourced. The last thing a customer should have to do is need to scroll through a ton of posts and grow impatient. To solve this issue, be sure to include a search function. This goes a long way for mobile friendly web design.

5. Steer clear of fancy design 

Last but not least, we advise you to steer clear of fancy design elements, and to keep your blog clean, simple and fresh instead. The more complex your designs get, the more disorganized and harder to navigate your site may become. So, stick to a design that is easy and elegant for optimized blog mobile friendliness.

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