Website redesigns are carefully planned to give your brand and business image a clean and fresh start. From re-framing web layout to modernizing your style, here are the 5 key elements of website redesign.

1. SEO

“SEO is an important part of website redesign. Website optimization includes many elements (and will most likely call for a whole different blog on key SEO elements for a successful website redesign) that can substantially boost the power of its site. Important features include strong titles and headings, strategic keywords, optimized title tags and alt tags on images.”

2. Fresh content

“A good deal of thought and care should go into creating fresh content. Language should be concise, informative and easy to understand. Websites coded in high level lingo, acronyms or technical speak will only appeal to a small group of visitors. The rest will click the back button with a heavy sigh of frustration. On the other hand, websites flooded with sales pitches or shallow content will be about as effective as an empty pool.”

3. Information Layout

“Information architecture is the practice of organizing content so it’s easy to understand. In web design, structural diagrams map the relationships between all the screens of a site, giving you a high-level overview of your site’s components.”

4. Know your competition

“Looking at your competition is a great way to see what others in your industry are doing, and how you could potentially do better. If your competitor is really successful, try to figure out why that is. What are they doing with their website that you’re not? It can help to pretend you’re a customer and look at it from that angle, then compare your two sites. Note specific areas where you’re lagging and set goals to improve them for the redesign.”

5. Pinpoint gaps

Create a checklist of website infrastructure that includes people, processes, and technology to identify any gaps. For example, to better the UX, you can identify specific elements of the web page, such as a misplaced CTA button, a sketchy web form, or anything that is distracting or confusing the visitors.

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