Brand design is one of the most crucial elements of any small business. It’s not only what defines the face of your brand. But brand design goes deeper. It goes into the mission and vision of your company, your products and services, and so much more. So, in today’s blog, we’ll let you know 5 key elements of brand design that you must know.

1. Consistency is Key

Staying consistent throughout your messaging, color schema, and design are important elements of a successful brand. Customers can easily spot inconsistencies, and this can loosen the integrity of your brand in their eyes. A strong brand always maintains a consistent presence throughout all of its channels.

2. What’s your story?

People like to connect with stories that are personal in nature. How is your brand benefitting the community? How are you uplifting your customers? What’s your grand mission and vision that you are set on fulfilling? Paint a story so that customers can truly understand that you are an authentic business creating products for good, and not just for profit.

3. Key Traits

Brand traits are what will illustrate what the brand should be known for within and outside the organisation. You need to think about the specific personality traits you want your employees, prospects, partners and clients to use whenever they describe your organisation. You need to have at least four to seven traits that stand for your brand and describe what to expect from it. (Source: Your Story)

4. What are your brand associations?

Specific physical artefacts that make up the brand are known as brand associations. This includes your logo, name, colours, fonts, image tagline and so on. Your brand promise and your brand traits must be reflected through your brand association. Your brand association must also support your brand positioning statement. (Source: Your Story)

5. Be original

It may sound cliché, but it’s important to create a unique design if you want to stand out and be your own brand. Cookie cutter is never a good approach for any business in any industry. Don’t be afraid to try something new. You never know where your success may take you due to being unique.