There are many different custom web design layouts out there. Some are simple, while some are more complex. Ultimately, the web design layout you choose will depend upon what suits you best. In today’s blog, we’ll tell you all about 5 custom web design layouts that we love.

1. Grid custom web design Layout

A grid layout is one that leverages blocks of information to evenly space things out. According to WebFx, “A grid is the division of a layout with vertical and/or horizontal guidelines to incorporate margins, spaces and columns in order to provide a framework for organizing content. Moreover, Grids are traditionally found in print work but are very applicable to web design.”

2. Vertical Scroll web design Layout

Websites that scroll vertically are visually appealing. Moreover, this layout makes it easy for customers to easily find things. According to Speckyboy, “Long-scrolling sites tend to work in one of two ways. Either the site has a larger homepage with links to other pages, or the site consists of a single, long page. Either setup creates a wealth of possibilities for a web designer, including the use of storytelling techniques.”

3. Pictograph Custom Web Design Layout

Visualize a vertical scroll and grid layout. Then make the main feature images. Boom! That’s called a pictograph custom web design layout. Besides, who doesn’t love a bunch of visuals? You can never go wrong with this design.

4. Magazine Layout

This layout is fairly self explanatory. A magazine layout is perfect for blogs and news sites that convey information. If you have a blog on your e-commerce site, for example, maybe you want this layout. It all depends on your goals and the message you are communicating.

5. Dynamic Column Layout

Last but not least, we have dynamic column layouts. According to Pega Community, “Dynamic layouts are flexible, responsive, and completely configured in the skin. A golden rule of user interface design is to separate content and presentation; a task which dynamic layouts successfully accomplish.”

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