Brand identity is key for social media influencers. This is because they need to keep on growing in popularity on their platforms. Clearly, if influencers have been so successful with identity, you can too. And all of us can probably learn some key tips from their strategy. In today’s blog post, we’ll go into 5 tips on brand identity that influencers follow––and that you can begin to implement as soon as today! Let’s get started.

1. Know your “feel” and “look”

First and foremost, influencers on social media have a consistent feel and look that they embody and show to their followers. For example, if you are a makeup influencer, you would stick to certain kinds of makeup that define your personal social media presence, rather than going all over the place and trying everything––which seems chaotic, and a lost message in translation to followers.

2. Engage with your community

Influencers have such a large following on social media platforms because their identity is all about engaging with their fans on a regular basis. People are more likely to feel an emotional connection to your brand if you word your messages to make it sound like you are speaking to them directly.

3. Be authentic for your brand identity

Do not copy and paste content from others in your social media feed, or even paraphrase it. Each influencer is unique and has a unique follower base because of that. This is exactly the purpose of the brand identity––it pinpoints you as a brand, how you stand out, and why people should align with you. Copying somebody else’s identity is a strategy that is doomed to fail, and makes you look inauthentic and superficial. Instead, be yourself, and show it too!

4. Showcase a consistent theme and mission in your brand identity

There is a reason why people follow influencers––it’s because they agree with their theme and their mission statement. Without a set of guidelines to help you create your identity’s feel and look, it is difficult to communicate your purpose.

5. Create unique content

Last but not least, the key to a successful identity is creating unique content––something that influencer’s have mastered. If all influencers were the same, there wouldn’t be any––that’s why each one has to do their own unique thing and post original content in order to keep up with their followers. Remember this when activating your brand identity.

Influencers have the social media brand identity game down to a science. We hope that you enjoyed this blog and tips, and feel free to check out our brand identity services today.

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