Branding is critical when it comes to custom web design. Your brand is the face of your company, and when you show it correctly, it can be powerful for your online presence.

1. Choose the right colors

Make sure to pick out some colors to complement your brand style, in this instance, your website colors. Three tones, or less, work very well in modern website design. Take the time to select your brand colors. Use psychology to determine which colors would make a positive impact on your brand and type of audience too.

2. Typography is equally as important

Another critical element of your website branding is choosing the right typography (typeface and color) to match your website design. When customizing the typography it’s important to think not just from a design perspective (what you think looks great), but also from a user’s perspective as well.

3. Layout is key

You have some choices to make whether you want a compact looking site where all of the elements are packed tightly together. Or, you want to create lots of white space between your elements, content, images, graphics etc. In other words, have a clean, modern looking layout.

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