2020 proved just how powerful TikTok is as a social media platform. That means in 2021, we can expect the platform’s popularity to become cemented. Not only that, but more and more companies are adopting TikTok strategies. With TikTok optimization being all the hype, here are our recommendations for you to succeed on the platform in 2021. 

1. Hashtags are key

“The most important part of TikTok SEO comes down to hashtags. In a similar way to how Instagram SEO works, hashtags will power your ability to optimize your content for the search engine. Across TikTok, specific demographics of people subscribe to certain hashtags based on their intent. Tapping into high volume hashtags on TikTok can be difficult, but you can use smaller volume tags to build your traffic and work towards larger hashtags.”

2. User funnels

“Create an engaging website that displays your brand and encourage uses from TikTok to visit it. Track how they interact with your brand and remarked to them across Facebook. That is the goal.”

3. Optimize content for SEO

“Go through your past content and look for opportunities where you can optimize with your new keywords. This will help you grow into the higher volume keyword pockets and hit high traffic levels”

4. Focus on audience engagement

“Use your other social media and website to communicate with your audience. All content creators should have a website and other social media platforms to engage with and connect to new followers”

We hope that you enjoyed this 2021 guide to TikTok optimization. Learn more about our social media service here.